The CalSolarResearch website provides information about the California Solar Initiative (CSI) Research, Development, Demonstration, and Deployment (RD&D) Program activities, including the program’s history and current CSI RD&D solicitations. Please check back regularly for updates!

Funded Projects

This is a database of projects funded by the CSI RD&D. The project summaries are listed alphabetically below. You may also choose a subset of projects by clicking a keyword, or using the search function.

FINAL REPORTS for completed projects can be found here.

Advanced Distribution Analytic Services Enabling High Penetration Solar PV
Solicitation: Solicitation 4
Awardee: Southern California Edison (SCE)
CSI Funding: $934,000
Status: Active
Advanced Grid-Interactive Distributed PV and Storage
Solicitation: Solicitation 2
Awardee: SolarCity
CSI Funding: $1,774,657
Status: Complete
Tags: Storage
Advanced Modeling and Verification for High Penetration PV
Solicitation: Solicitation 1
Awardee: Clean Power Research
CSI Funding: $976,392
Status: Complete
Tags: Data , Solar Forecasting
Analysis to Inform California Grid Integration Rules for PV
Solicitation: Solicitation 4
Awardee: Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
CSI Funding: $399,494
Status: Complete
Comprehensive Grid Integration of Solar Power for SDG&E
Solicitation: Solicitation 4
Awardee: University of California, San Diego
CSI Funding: $1,057,050
Status: Complete
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